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Our Story

The genesis of our brand lies within the personal journey of Dr. Daniel Jacobs, an eminent plastic surgeon with a holistic vision of beauty. Despite his professional accomplishments, two intimate issues were lingering in his life. First, his wife grappled with persistent skin issues that took a toll on her once-glowing complexion. Second, he himself struggled with an itchy scalp, a seemingly trivial, yet significantly annoying problem.

The couple sought help from some of the world’s best experts, yet the prescribed solutions were typically based on outdated treatments such as hydroquinone and steroids. The existing skincare paradigm fell short of addressing the latest scientific insights, which highlighted that reducing inflammation and creating a nurturing microbiome were crucial to maintaining healthy skin and scalp.

After years of relentless work, countless trials, and several formula revisions, Dr. Jacobs finally found success. The result was an exclusive line of skincare and scalp care products that embodied the marriage of scientific innovation with insights from nature. His wife was his first user, and the transformation her skin underwent was nothing short of extraordinary. Dr. Jacobs's own scalp issues were a thing of the past.

As we continue to evolve and uphold our commitment to discovering ever better skincare and scalp health solutions, we aim to share these very solutions with others.