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Bakuchiol-Based Scalp and Skincare


84% Experience Itch Relief

75% Found Improvement in Hair Growth

Bakuchiol is the New, Natural, Retinoid

In a randomized, head to head, clinical trial, bakuchiol showed similar results as a retinoid cream but with fewer side effects.

Designed by a Leading Plastic Surgeon

Dr. Daniel Jacobs is the creator of the Alón formulas and a pioneering plastic surgeon. He needed to find solutions for his own family's irritated skin and scalp when nothing else worked. His discoveries not only soothe but rejuvenate, thereby adding vibrancy to your look.


We let our reviews speak for themselves.

4.821 average

60+ Reviews

I finally found a product that stopped my itchy scalp. I had the itch for years and went through 4 dermatologists. So easy and it only took a couple of weeks to have relief.

Rebecca D.

Loyal Customer

I love Alon!

This product has been wonderful to use and my hair looks great! I am so glad I somehow stumbled upon it and have been a regular user now for over a year.

Amy C.

Loyal Customer

Most effective product out there.

Real, and permanent relief. After trying different hair products and treatments, read about the research on these, ordered them and they worked so well, I will never use anything else.

Dottie L.

Loyal Customer

In 23 years of using numerous products over the counter and from doctors, Alon Calming Formula is the only product that calms my itchy scalp.

Betty G.

Loyal Customer

Use it every morning and every night and see such a big difference in my skin! Its refreshing to apply and removes redness. Highly recommend.


Loyal Customer

I am loving these products and my previously irritable scalp is now super happy!


Loyal Customer

Our Unique Bakuchiol-Based Approach

Soothe your itch while nourishing your hair!