The Alon Story

She was at wits end after years of futile attempts trying to improve her blotchy and uneven skin tone, the result of spending years under the Middle Eastern sun. Despite trying retinols, hydroquinone solutions, Vitamin C serums, acid peels, and laser treatments at Stanford University, nothing seemed to work for her skin. In fact, many of these treatments just irritated her skin even more.

Fortunately for her, she was married to a Plastic Surgeon, who was relentless in trying to determine the underlying mechanism of skin and scalp aging. As he researched the medical and scientific literature trying to understand his wife's skin condition he emerged with an unexpected finding: many of the well-known skin conditions such as redness, aging skin, uneven skin tone, and others were a manifestation of similar underlying root causes. With this new discovery at hand, he put together a non-irritating serum based on natural ingredients and free of retinols and hydroquinone, all supported by the latest research and medical publications.

It took a couple of months when their son visited and noticed his mother's radiant skin. After inquiring what makeup she was using, his mother revealed the self-made serum and that in fact she was not wearing any makeup at all. Their son, having worked in the life science space, realized that this was an amazing feat that should be shared with the rest of the world. It was there, in the backyard of Silicon Valley that Alón Labs LLC was formed.

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