The 4 Ingredients that will Supercharge your Skincare

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    There has been a lot written about the well known benefits of vitamin C (ascorbic acid) and hyaluronic acid, perhaps even ferulic acid.  You may have heard about the wonders of anti-oxidants and which ingredients to watch out for.   But you probably have never heard about 4 super ingredients, all with incredible science to back them up, which can change the nature of your skin care.  And yes, you want these ingredients in your skincare routine.   Melatonin   This sleep-inducing neurotra...

How does a small startup create a skin serum with more science than those of billion dollar companies?

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  There’s nothing unique in Silicon Valley about a small, rebellious, and determined research effort that puts Goliath to shame. Big companies tend to do big projects with big bureaucracies and big oversight – a recipe for big, fat time frames, not to mention more risk aversion than progress. Big companies also tend to focus on one ingredient at a time. Small companies, however, exist because they can be nimble and more avant garde.   In that fashion, Alón Labs started as a result of a scien...

How One Company Dared to Place More Science than Marketing in their Bottle!

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  There’s no question that a new paradigm is emerging in skin health products. While until recently, they pretty much consisted of moisturizers, sunscreens, and a few antioxidants, they are now starting to incorporate myriad plant based ingredients thought to prevent aging and damage.    While some of these plant based products may work, many make some pretty wild claims about, for example, the skin benefits of some sacred flower found only on the ridge of a single peak in the Himalayas that...

Alón Serum for Hair Regrowth - Fluke or Some Serious Science?

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Users of the Alon Labs Scalp Calming Serum are noticing an increase in hair growth. Does that make scientific sense?   When we at Alon Labs set out to make a calming serum to reduce the incredibly annoying problem of scalp itching, we wanted to help a lot of people. We didn’t, however, intend to find a solution for hair regrowth! As we hear more and more about users whose hair thickness improves after several months of Alon Labs Scalp Calming serum, we realized that something big was happenin...

The Holy Grail of Skin Rejuvenation?

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Cleopatra put spoiled milk on her face to stay young, which probably marks one of the first recorded lactic acid skin peels in history. 2000 years later, one might ask about the progress we’ve made.To this day, we use chemical or laser peels and other treatments that either remove the outer layer of skin or inflame the deeper skin in hopes that the process of “healing” will lead to renewed, refreshed skin. In the 90s, Cleopatra’s lactic acid was replaced with hi-tech and high-powered CO2 lase...