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Question of the Week:

What are the most effective products you need to consider for hair growth?

There are several interventions for hair growth and below is how we categorize them.

In the non-drug category, you have:
-Products such as the Alón scalp formulas which have hair growth stimulants such as melatonin and caffeine while stopping the inflammatory loop is a good idea.
-Red light therapy and microneedling are relatively low risk options with early evidence of benefit.

In the drug category, you have:
-Minoxidil for both men and women (topical).
-Finasteride (a pill or topical treatment).
-Low dose oral minoxidil.
-Spironolactone for women (a pill). For men, however, this can cause breast development (gynecomastia).
-Platelet Rich Plasma (an expensive and somewhat controversial option).

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