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Rewind Lotion

No bad smell, leaves my skin feeling smooth. I notice my face looks brighter and tighter

- Amazon Buyer Rebekah K.

Actually really truly worked. No joke.

- Amazon Buyer Lost in Amazon

Awesome facial serum! This product is really good to hydrate and smooth rough dry flaky skin and to reduce redness and inflammation. It has in just two uses removed the redness and acne from my cheeks where other products failed terribly! It has little to no scent which is great bc that means its natural and our skin doesn't need extra irritation. Has a thick clear serum consistency and absorbs really quickly. I love the easy to use pump bottle and the packaging was great too. Shipping was alright do to the holiday season. I will most definitely purchase this serum again and the price is fantastic for something that really works! Thanks Alon Labs.

- Amazon Buyer Lindsey Brown

I have been trying to use more natural and organic products on my skin. This lotion left my skin super hydrated without being greasy or sticky. I loved it, this lotion worked perfect for me.

- Amazon Buyer Kloes Mom

This cream is actually really nice. I've used it twice and my face already feels soft. I breakout a lot, especially when there is fragrance like this, but it does not bother my skin. It's so soft right now and I only used it for two days. No joke.

- Amazon Buyer Jaclyn C.

Scalp Calming

I don't usually try these products but after positive affirmation from friends to try this, I decided to give this a shot. As I looked into this company, 2 things stood out: 1. This company transparently demonstrates the scientific reasoning behind their product. Unlike so many other companies, the material does not feel like marketing one liners but instead educates those who are interested in learning. 2. It ACTUALLY WORKS. Crazy, huh? My scalp is no longer red and my hair is clearly healthier. Now it's time to try their other products.

- Amazon Buyer ij_sf

This liquid has an amazing consistency. I use it on an itchy spot on the back of my scalp… much less itchy.

Amazon Buyer lilbit in Canada

I snagged this calming serum because I get a dry, irritated scalp seasonally. When it gets cold I have to start using special shampoos and avoiding blow drying my hair. This has done more for my scalp and hair than any of that has ever done!

- Amazon Buyer PdxABO

This scalp serum magically fixed my itchy/flaky scalp, it also gave instant relief… This is an actual healing medicine that you leave in and it works INSTANTLY the first time. I would even recommend putting this in after showering, so it has the most time on your scalp until your next shower. The scalp feels fantastic and the hair feels/looks better too. It even feels nice when it's in your hair. I actually ended up using it a bit like hair mouse, you get amazing control of your hair without any of that gel/mouse oily/heavy stuff.

- Amazon Buyer Lyu I.