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REWIND Facial Lotion 10% Off Auto renew

Originally designed by a leading plastic surgeon to help solve his wife’s decades-long struggle with sun damage, the REWIND formula is a conceptual breakthrough in skin repair and sun protection.


Alón Labs REWIND is packed with natural skin healing molecules that leave your skin healthier, stronger, and more radiant. After years of ongoing R&D, today Alón Labs gives you the best of natural ingredients to bathe your skin in an all-around soothing and protecting lotion.


Why do you need a sunscreen booster?

While sunscreens may reduce damaging rays reaching delicate cellular structures, the reality that most of us just don’t use them correctly, which unfortunately would require slopping it on so thick and so often that we would look and feel like ghosts. So, most of us put it on too thinly, or not often enough, or use a sunscreen with inadequate broad-spectrum protection. In the end, rays just DO GET through.


For that reason, Alón Labs REWIND takes a trick from nature. The same remarkable mechanisms that protect plants from decades of full fledged sun exposure now protect your skin by preventing inflammation, oxidation, and free radical formation.


Thus begins a new chapter in skin care: photoprotection (sun protection) from the inside out. And the list of useful friends is long and encouraging. There is Vitamin B3, and did you know, for example, that caffeine (yes, that stuff in your coffee mug), is photoprotective? What about melatonin, Vitamins A, C, and E, ferulic acid, resveratrol, and many more? The answer is “YES!” These are photoprotective molecules that work on the inside.


Welcome to the top 1% of skin health products - the best skincare and sunscreen booster that nature can provide.

  • Packed with all natural skin healing molecules
  • State of the art in natural skin science
  • Smooth consistency soothes skin on contact and leaves a protective layer on your skin. Recommended to place under any makeup, sunscreen, or moisturizer cream.


Some of the most powerful natural ingredients found in Alón Labs REWIND


Powerful plant ingredient that works as an anti-inflammatory agent.

Ascorbic Acid - Vitamin C

Cornerstone anti-oxidant that fights aging and is part of the collagen synthesis pathway, which helps smooth fine wrinkles.


Important amino acid and a precursor to the color pigment, melanin.


Strong anti-oxidant that reduces free radicals while working to repair injured cells and limit sun damage during UV exposure.

Niacinamide - Vitamin B3

Synthesizes collagen and smooths wrinkles while producing protecting ceramides, repairs DNA and has level I evidence of reducing skin cancer recurrence.

Tocopheryl Acetate - Vitamin E

Natural anti-oxidant and photoprotector, which helps reduce the free radicals that cause inflammation and aging.


Acts as a cellular signal to stimulate tissue repair in the skin.

Retinyl Palmitate - Vitamin A

Proven anti-aging molecule that improves sun damaged skin.


Powerful plant ingredient that works similar to Arnica in reducing the resulting inflammation from sun damage.


Powerful anti-oxidant and cellular repair ingredient.

Ferulic Acid

Powerful anti-oxidant and cellular repair ingredient.


Alón Labs

We’re a Silicon Valley skin and scalp health company with deep roots in plastic surgery, biotechnology, and living a healthy life. Our guiding principle is to learn from Mother Nature, whose leaves stay young despite constant sun exposure. We mix nature with science, medicine and a lot of loving intention to bring you the best skin and scalp products you can find.