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Hair Regrowth - Fluke or Some Serious Science?

Hair Regrowth - Fluke or Some Serious Science?

Users of the Alon scalp formulas are noticing an increase in hair growth. Does that make scientific sense?


When we at Alon Labs set out to make a calming formula to reduce the incredibly annoying problem of scalp itching, we wanted to help a lot of people. We didn’t, however, intend to find a solution for hair regrowth.  As we hear more and more about users whose hair thickness improves after several months of Alon scalp formula usage, we realized that something was happening. Then it was time to connect the dots between these observations and the science that might explain them. What did we find?


For starters, several researchers have identified a connection between scalp inflammation (irritation) and hair loss. Since the Alon formulas reduce inflammation – which is the exact opposite of common products such as those containing salicylic acid - it isn’t a surprise that hair growth is recovering.


Next, looking at specific ingredients in our serum, melatonin receptors have been found in hair follicles, and their activation confers increased follicular function and hair growth. Caffeine is highly active in cell renewal and protection, reducing free radicals and oxidation that damage hair follicles, and is an inhibitor of 5-α-reductase, the same mechanism as common hair regrowth treatments.  Niacinamide, aside from world-class evidence that it reduces non-melanoma skin cancer rates, has demonstrated activity in aging pathways that impact hair health. Calendula and arnica reduce inflammation. And Vitamin C? It has a host of positive effects on hair and skin health, including tissue growth, anti-oxidant activity, and collagen production, all of which are part and parcel to hair growth.


So there you have it.  By soothing inflammation and nourishing the scalp environment (including the hair follicle) with natural pro-repair molecules, perhaps we can now understand why some customers are reporting hair regrowth and rejuvenation.

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