Scalp Calming Formula

Alón gives your scalp the help it needs to relieve itching, repair itself, avoid additional environmental damage, and regain its youthful condition.


The Alón Scalp Calming Formula represents the latest science in fighting the main culprits of scalp irritation - chronic inflammation and sun induced genetic damage. Our serum is the culmination of years of advanced research and testing. It uses targeted ingredients in a synergistic approach to address the underlying mechanism of scalp itchiness and redness, and to promote hair health.


What’s different about Alón Labs Scalp Calming Formula?
Alón Scalp Calming Formula has a 6 significant advantages over commonly used antibacterials, antifungals, exfoliants, and steroids.

1. Supports scalp flora

2. Prevents and reverses most forms of environmental damage.

3. Supports long term hair and scalp health with a range of positive effects.

4. Promotes hair growth.

5. Brazenly copies nature’s protective mechanisms, creating long term benefits.

6. Dramatically and immediately relieves itching and dandruff


Don’t forget to protect your scalp from the sun!

Even with hair or sunscreen covering your scalp, it is still exposed to solar rays that penetrate your defenses and create long term damage. To prevent this kind of environmental injury, Alón takes a trick from nature. The same remarkable mechanisms that protect plants from massive sun exposure now protect your scalp in the same way. For the rays that do penetrate, Alón prevents the inflammation, oxidation, free radical damage, and genetic injury that would otherwise occur. Several ingredients in Alón Labs Scalp Calming Formula have even been shown in major research studies to prevent skin cancer.

Healthy scalps mean healthy hair

Research shows that chronic inflammation can be causal in hair thinning. Reversal of inflammation may reverse hair loss. Enter Alón Labs’ anti-inflammatory and anti-oxidant formulation, and buy a new hair brush. You might need it!

Some of the most powerful natural ingredients found in Alón Labs Scalp Calming Formula

Ascorbic Acid - Vitamin C

Cornerstone anti-oxidant that fights aging and is part of the collagen synthesis pathway, which helps smooth fine wrinkles.


Important amino acid and a precursor to the color pigment, melanin.


Strong anti-oxidant that reduces free radicals while working to repair injured cells and limit sun damage during UV exposure.

Niacinamide - Vitamin B3

Synthesizes collagen and smooths wrinkles while producing protecting ceramides, repairs DNA and has level I evidence of reducing skin cancer recurrence.

Tocopheryl Acetate - Vitamin E

Natural anti-oxidant and photoprotector, which helps reduce the free radicals that cause inflammation and aging.


Acts as a cellular signal to stimulate tissue repair in the skin.



Powerful anti-oxidant and scalp cellular repair ingredient.



Alón Labs

We’re a Silicon Valley skin and scalp health company with deep roots in plastic surgery, biotechnology, and living a healthy life. Our guiding principle is to learn from Mother Nature, whose leaves stay young despite constant sun exposure. We mix nature with science, medicine and a lot of loving intention to bring you the best skin and scalp products you can find.


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