Why Alón?



It’s simple.  It’s because we get it.

We get that you’re probably tired of using skin calming lotions that only make your skin more sensitive.  Or that your moisturizer doesn’t really do anything other than, maybe, moisturize.  Or that you’re tired of putting on sunscreen and coming out beet red anyway.  We get it that you want much, much more than just another cream with a few vitamins and SPF.  


Alón Labs goes so much further.  Leading the pack in a completely new era of skincare and skin health, rather than taking a moisturizing base and sprinkling in a few “sexy" ingredients, Alón Rewind and Alón Scalp Calming Lotion are 100% healing, soothing, sun damage protecting and reversing, and age defying natural components.  From the building block of hyaluronic acid (a major component of healthy skin) to the remarkable activity of niacinamide and caffeine, we knew that you wanted something big, while still natural and safe.  Other than the distilled water, every single ingredient in Alón products is chosen for its ability to protect and heal your skin.  




Where did the concept of a healing and sun-protecting formula come from? 

Well... one of the frustrated individuals from the old status quo was the plastic surgeon who would eventually go on to develop the Alón formula.  
Like you, he wanted something really big, and really different.  And he wasn’t about to take no for an answer.  Several years later, both he and his wife were again enjoying the outdoors (of course, still with the addition of standard sun protection), and their skin hasn’t looked this good - or felt this good - in decades.


Check out our list of favorite ingredients and what they do here.  Even do your own research at  You’ll see.  Alón Labs is modern research, state of the art science, and years of testing, all in one attractive bottle.