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All Natural Anti-Aging & Skin Repair


Expensive medications, hydroquinone, acid serums, peels, and even laser treatments. But nothing seemed to help a 34-year-old mom with her blotchy and uneven skin tone. 15 years later, she was at her wit’s end after so many futile attempts, many of which left her skin feeling more irritated and uneven than before. Her concealer was getting so thick that it was even weird to smile.

Fortunately, she was married to a plastic surgeon who took the challenge upon himself to find a solution.

His research led to an unexpected finding: his wife’s problem and many other common skin conditions such as redness, premature aging, and uneven skin tone were a manifestation of a similar underlying root cause – a cycle of oxidative stress and inflammation brought on by the sun and environment. Remarkably, most available prescription and non-prescription treatments didn’t address that cycle, but rather caused more inflammation rather than less.

With that understanding, he started to put together an anti-inflammatory and powerfully healing formula based on all natural ingredients and supported by the latest research and medical science. The skin healing paradigm of Alón Labs was born.


Highest Quality Ingredients: 
Unlike many brand name products (who are more about moisturizing oils) REWIND is packed with natural antioxidants and skin healing vitamins, plant polyphenols, and key skin building blocks to bathe your skin in reparative ingredients. 

While many products use preservative or altered Vitamin C  in order to make the product stable, the REWIND system is designed to ensure that your formula is fresh with the highest quality natural Vitamin C.  Our two-bottle system protects the Vitamin C by keeping it in dry powder form until you mix it with the activating liquid.  Our one-bottle system (coming out in late 2016) uses natural Vitamin C protectors. 

Scientific Research: 
Alón Labs REWIND formula is backed by years of education and research. It is formulated by a plastic surgeon who designed the serum for his wife and daughter, each of whom had frustrating skin problems, and each as a result of the same basic oxidative stress and inflammation described earlier. Solving the underlying problem began the new paradigm in powerful, natural skin healing formulas.


  • Smooths Fine Wrinkles & Dramatically Improves Sun Damaged Skin Tone
  • Aids In The Prevention Of Sun And Environmental Damage
  • Works With Normal And Oily Skin
  • Fragrance Free And 100% Natural
  • Stimulates Natural DNA Repair

This is one of those "I can't believe it's so great" products. After just using this product I noticed my pores were smaller, my face was much smoother and my rosacea calmed down. That's pretty amazing! I've used some very expensive creams, serums and facial remedies for my sensitive skin, but nothing worked so quickly and so well as the Alon Labs Rewind serum. - Diane B.

Each package contains a 30 day supply Of facial serum & activating liquid bottled separately to Increase efficacy and freshness of ingredients.

$45.00 / Unit(1 Month)

$42.75 / Unit(3 Months)

$40.50 / Unit(6 Months)

Product Description

REWIND is packed full of natural skin repair and anti-oxidant, age-fighting ingredients unlike any other skin health formula available today. 

In addition to classic skin repair molecules such as Vitamin C and Vitamin E, your skin bathes in the remarkable benefits of the world's most well studied natural molecules fighting skin cancer - caffeine and niacinamide. 

Plant based polyphenols, urea, and powerful anti-irritants such as arnica and calendula result in the most effective and soothing natural skin serum possible.


Water, Ascorbic Acid, Caffeine, Niacinamide, D-Alpha Tocopheryl Acetate, Urea, L-Tyrosine, Melatonin, Calendula Officinalis, Arnica Montana


I really highly recommend the product! It has helped me look so much better! The comment I hear often is that it make me look luminescent! It's a bargain over surgery or any invasive treatments! I think because of the food we eat and the air we breath the serum has such a simple way of turning your skin's appearance around in such a short time it's worth every penny!


I have acne-prone, oily and sensitive skin. Most products do not penetrate deep enough into the skin to provide sufficient nutrients.I found Alon labs serum to be very effective. My face is bright and some of my dark spots are fading after one week. My existing pimples were healing nicely. The consistency of this serum is like water.


When I dry my skin out, the redness and flakiness begins. Nothing has ever been able to tame my rosacea until now. It's extremely soothing and reduces the red irritation on my skin. It comes in 2 separate bottles where you mix them to activate the ingredients. I love this stuff so much!