Welcome to the future of skincare.  What's your client's skin IDENTITY™?


You're busy, so why consider IDENTITY™?

Personalized skincare doesn't have to be just some lofty buzz term anymore.  It's here, and not the pseudo version, the real thing that will add tremendous value to your clients and your practice.  Moreover, Alón Labs fundamentally believes that users of the Alón product lines have better outcomes when delivered through you, the estheticians.  You are able to credibly assess your client's skin and ensure proper application and compliance with the recommended regimen.


How it works

1. Sign up to receive an Alón Labs Esthetician Number (CLICK HERE)
2. Once we verify your account, you will be given a link to an Esthetician Portal and our wholesale pricing arrangement
3. Use the personalized skin assessment on the Esthetician Portal
4. The customized serum will then be shipped to your client within 5-7 business days with a unique report that will be emailed to you and your client
5. Your client will receive a personalized shipment every month
6. At the next visit, you'll be performing the follow up personalized skin assessment found on the Esthetician Portal


Retail Pricing

(Wholesale pricing provided after registration)


Retail Price (not yet available) Esthetician Retail Price
1st Month $149 $139
Subsequent Months $89 $89