What is the best way to apply the Alón facial serum?

Will placing the product in the refrigerator increase the shelf life?

The cold temperature does decrease the rate of oxidation and may increase the shelf-life for a few extra days. However, in our experience, with an average product usage of two half full droppers of serum in the morning and two more in the evening, a typical user consumes the serum within 30 days.

Why do you sell the product with an activating liquid and the powder separated?

We made the decision that we cannot compromise on purity and integrity of all our ingredients. Therefore, the team consciously decided that due to the instability of ingredients such as Vitamin C when in liquid, it was best to keep the two separate in order to maintain product quality. That is also why we have the 30 day expiration - we don't want you using a product that is no longer effective!

Is your product made of natural ingredients?

Yes, all our ingredients are either natural molecules, vitamins, amino acids, or components of botanicals.

Do you do any animal testing?

No, we do not test on animals.

Does your product cause acne?

All our ingredients are non-comedogenic (do not cause acne). However, as those with sensitive skin are aware, new skincare products can initially cause a break out. If your skin is particularly sensitive you should start once every other day and gradually build up over 2 weeks to twice a day.