Leave it to modern science to explore Saturn and discover the origins of life, yet go absolutely nowhere with the things that drive us regular mortals nuts – things like the common cold and itchy scalps.  Yup, here we are in 2017, and millions of Americans still suffer from dandruff, itching, redness, and even hair loss from inflamed scalps.


Many of us have tried everything...

Many of us have tried everything, I mean everything, to make it go away.  We’ve tried shampoos, acids, tars, antifungals, green teas, even high potency steroids – many of which bring their own often-serious side effects.  But alas, that crazy itching persists, sometimes even worse.  What gives?


Let’s start with simplifying things.   An irritated scalp is typically synonymous with an inflamed scalp, and we’ve learned an awful lot about inflammation in the last few decades.  One seemingly “like-duh” realization is that you can’t usually successfully fight inflammation with medications that cause more inflammation.  That sounds almost silly, but many scalp treatments today are actually inflammatory.  Salicylic acid, a common scalp “calmer,” kills the outer cells of the scalp – a first domino in inflammatory pathways.  How is that a long-term plan?


An irritated scalp is typically synonymous with an inflamed scalp

Tars create significant vulnerability to sun, a major part of scalp damage and inflammation.  How can that be good?


Even many of the basic dandruff shampoos wreck havoc on gene activity profiles, possibly creating long-term dependence, if not overall worsening.


For lack of a better option, many dermatologists prescribe high potency steroids just to give their patients a break from the misery of itching.  These steroids, however, can thin the skin, increase redness, create steroid-induced rosacea, and even produce severe steroid dependency – making periods without the medication a nightmare.


It sounds kind of bleak, so what’s up with Alon Labs Scalp Calming Formula that is so earthshattering? 


Alón Labs Scalp Calming Formula heals the scalp damage

For starters, Alon Labs Scalp Calming Formula goes straight to the core – it heals the scalp damage that causes inflammation in the first place, intercepts free radicals, uses natural ingredients like calendula and arnica to calm irritation, and fights one of the fundamental mechanisms of cell damage and aging, something called respiratory oxidative stress – essentially the injury that occurs in cells when oxygen consuming pathways get away from their protective controls. 


As a result of the Alón Labs Scalp Calming Formula, the scalp is actually healthier, itching is controlled, and even hair growth is supported.  Yes, really, it even supports healthy hair growth, as we know today that hair loss is often related to scalp inflammation.  In addition, Alon Labs Scalp Calming Formula uses natural ingredients like caffeine and melatonin that actively encourage thriving hair.


If your scalp is itching, maybe it’s time for you to try something different.  Or……, maybe you want to just keep scratching.  That conclusion would be a head scratcher indeed! 



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