There’s no question that a new paradigm is emerging in skin health products. While until recently, they pretty much consisted of moisturizers, sunscreens, and a few antioxidants, they are now starting to incorporate myriad plant based ingredients thought to prevent aging and damage. 


While some of these plant based products may work, many make some pretty wild claims about, for example, the skin benefits of some sacred flower found only on the ridge of a single peak in the Himalayas that requires Sherpas, a mule, and a few tanks of oxygen to harvest.


Why trust the plant based ingredients of Alon Labs? The answer, for those who like science, is in the science!!


Alón Labs didn’t throw a bunch of plants in a blender and see what happens. The plastic surgeon who formulated the Alón Labs serums began testing specific molecules known to be active and safe across multiple biologic systems and conditions. That turned out to be a surprisingly long list. He then ranked the molecules on the strength of the research behind them, tinkered with how many could remain dissolved at one time in solution, and then picked the top contenders, all based on scientific data. 


The combination of ingredients in Alón Labs is the result of that scientific quest. No other product uses such a vast spectrum of powerfully active natural ingredients, from antioxidants to DNA repair, melanocyte protection, skin cancer prevention, and then some.   Try to find that in someone else’s bottle.