We sometimes get asked whether there is evidence in addition to before/after shots that the Alón products actually work to reverse the effects of aging. No small order...

Our most potent contrast demonstrating the effects of the Alón serum is with a hair follicle in the picture below from an Alón user. You'll notice that the tip is white, a normal sign of an aged follicle that no longer produces melanin. However, and rather remarkably, upon months of Alón serum use, the bulb actually reactivated its melanin production as can be seen in the picture below. This is nearly unprecedented. A hair follicle rooted in the dermis showed direct signs of rejuvenation!

Hair Rejuvenation


What does this tell us?

Well, for one, we know that the serum either tracks down the hair follicle to the dermis where the bulb sits or penetrates through the skin. Either one is a great sign and a barrier that many cosmetic serums have not overcome.

Second, the Alón products are laser focused on addressing the underlying mechanism of action of aging, chronic inflammation, in a synergistic multi-front attack. Ingredients such as the well-known anti-oxidant Vitamin C are in use, as are natural molecules such as melatonin, which plays on a number of intracellular cascades associated with genetic and cellular protection again chronic inflammation and free radicals. We have also incorporated the power of botanicals such as arnica and calendula, both of which have strong anti-inflammatory effects.

It is important to emphasize that there is no silver bullet when it comes to skin and hair health. Not only do certain changes take time, but it can also occur that perhaps the underlying mechanism of action differs across different people. Our goal is to personalize cosmetics, the same as with personalized medicine, and until that day comes we can only be encouraged by the dramatic results shown thus far and hope you feel likewise.